Who Is The Raven?

I’m the least secretive person on the internet. Like seriously, if you look far and wide enough, I accidentally posted my address once.

My name is Andrew and I’m a 17 year old Uni Student studying Journalism and Global Politics at Murdoch University, Perth. I busy myself with many things – this blog (plus another one run by a close friend), working as a barista, studying and running my university’s eSports club. If you hadn’t figured out who I was in the top picture, I’m the guy in the middle getting bunny-ear’d by Erin Kinnealy and Kimberly Wells.

I started this blog in October 2016 with a fresh face to the cycling world. I had only really been following cycling hardcore for around 4 months, but I had opinions and I always wanted to start a blog. I took the chance and started The Cycling Raven. Following in the footsteps of the big guys like inrng and Cosmo, I am starting to claw my way up the ladder of reputable bloggers, but I still have a long way to go. If I ever reach the levels of those guys, I will feel insanely honoured; hell I feel amazing every time I get a new reader, new twitter follower or another view. I am a huge fan boy of Orica, especially Turbo Durbo and Jess Allen – but I prefer to follow the Australian Local Scene teams than to support a major WT team.

On this blog, you will probably see major race previews and recaps, as well as some rider overviews and spotlights. Considering I am Australian, I will also be following the Australian Scene, so you will see some posts on the Aussie Nats or NRS. I’m also writing a series of ‘essays’ in a series called “The Thing About…”, which I will try and publish on a quarterly basis.

Thanks for reading my blog, and hope you stick around!