Photos of the Peloton: TOMR Stages 3 + 4

It was 10pm when I got home yesterday so I didn’t have the time to upload it on the day, but it’s done now. What a whirlwind trip, and it’s not something I’ll forget. Here are my favourite photos from Sunday’s Stage 3 and 4 of the Tour!


The cow went around the start line at Stage 3. The girl rode the sportives earlier in the week, stayed, took some photos, and got some autographs. I saw her talk to Anouska a lot – Anouska was amazingly sociable with everyone.


I also managed to grab a quick snap myself with the WM3 team. Absolutely loved my time with them this week, and I hope to catch up with them at the TDU.


Shannon Malseed got prime real estate on the cow – on the bum. Stole the spot from Erin (although she did apparently put an asterisk under the tail!)


Holden Team Photo. I have no idea what Kimberly found hilarious – maybe the height difference between Lisen and Emma?


Grace and Erin on a cheat day. Maybe it helped, considering Grace ended up winning Stage 3 and the Individual Classification of the race.


Annemiek rallying the troops just before the start. Everyone loved her, and with her being on the SPR team, she got around with a lot of people. Where there was Annemiek, there were 5 people on her tail.


Stage 3 finished on top of the Mur du Hay. Looking at the profile, I didn’t think it would be awfully tough. However, once hiking my way to the top, I saw how tough it was. Michael Freiberg made it look easy though.


Marianne Vos rounding the last corner of the Mur du Hay. She even kicked up a little sprint up the final kicker!


And the only thing some people were kicking up the Mur Du hay was their bike. This unlucky rider punctured on the climb, and had the long walk up to finish the stage. He got back on for the time trial, though.


The D Grade Drag Race to determine the winner of the stage. Jayden Waters of Cyclemania (middle) ended up winning the stage.


Robbie struggled on the climbs, something you expect from a sprinter!


Anouska Koster and Luke Durbridge finished together up the Mur du Hay. Not often do you get to see the Women’s and Men’s peloton together, let alone 2 pro’s going at it. Anouska won the race to the top.


Grace Brown really found form on the stage, smashing the Mur du hay and taking the win. Someone even wrote Holden on the road!


Jeanne Korevaar soaking in the Australian sun on her spin up the hill. They all make it look so easy.


Erin, last time I checked, you were racing! Apparently Crikey Cadel is the #HoldenWomensRacingCroc. Sorry, BMC.


The Stage 4 Team Time Trial was a windy 42km down Balingup-Nannup Road. I hit in the bushes to get a few photos of the start, before having to bolt for the finish.


Marianne Vos is so photogenic on the bike. Absolutely amazing form and technique, and that European Champ jersey photographs well!


Brooksy found a dugite on the stage as well. 2 meters long. Gotta be safe from the wildlife out here!


At the finish of the TTT, everyone cheered for these 2 Northern Beaches riders. Last on every stage, they still made it over the line, hand in hand. Astonishing effort over the 3 days in the brutal heat and the undulating terrain.


Erin hoisting the Champions trophy after Holden won the women’s edition of the race. If my pictures of Erin this week haven’t told you enough about her, what can I say? She is a funny, kind person, who loves a bit of banter and a joke. I don’t think I got a serious photo of Erin all week, but those characters make cycling. Serious on the inside, funny on the outside.

I had an absolute ball at the Tour of Margaret River this year. It’s a shame it went so fast and now I’m back into normality (and exams). However, 12 months will fly by, and I’ll be down there once again. I hope you all enjoyed my coverage of the race. The Tour really re-invigorated my love for cycling, because races like these remind you of how beautiful the sport of cycling is. You never get to be this intimate with professionals in any other sport, and that’s the glory of it. Until next time, I’m out.

If you would like to use my photos for anything, or would like full size images, please message me directly. Credit-wise, just leaving The Cycling Raven along side any photos you use will be greatly appreciated, and if you are feeling extra ambitious, drop a link by to the blog site – I’ll love you for it! Thanks so much!