Photos of the Peloton: TOMR VosMax in Kirup

I have been fortunate enough to take some amazing photos while down at the Tour of Margaret River. Here is a small collection from today’s VosMax Sportive Ride, which was a 60km loop around the town of Kirup, stopping in Donnybrook along the way. It was a very good day, compared to the struggling heat of the 115km ride yesterday out to Manjimup and back. More pros came along for today’s ride as they were trickling in, including Jessica Allen, Robbie McEwen and Matt Keenan.


Matt Keenan getting ready for the ride. I walked into the coffee shop (Lady Marmalade, highly recommended) to grab a brew for me and our video guy, Marco, and Robbie and Matt were sitting in fresh from their flights. I was trying so hard to not freak out – Matt is my absolute idol. It was great to meet them both finally. Thanks for sitting with me today and having a good chat, I hope we can talk more in the future!


Robbie McEwen having a chat with Jessica Allen just before the start. About Robbie, he is such an amazing guy with an uncanny ability to read the pack and lead the ride like he did today.


Riejanne Markus of WM3, sitting on the playground at Donnybrook. We stopped by the Big Apple Playground to top up bottles and have a yarn. Some of the guys even got onto the playground (photos later!)


Anouska Koster of WM3 Cycling (if you haven’t seen my interview with her, it’s here!) smiling on the roadside just outside Donnybrook where the group bunched up before hitting the highway. Such a bubbly character, and quite talkative!


Monique Van De Ree of Lares-Waowdeals (moving to WM3 in 2018) just outside of Donnybrook. I rode beside her for a bit of the first VosMax ride before my derailleur decided to have a break. Taught everyone how to play Skip-Bo, including me!


Erin Kinnealy of Holden Racing Team. What a character – she would be reincarnated as a comedian she is that funny. You will never catch her without her GoPro, and always makes everything a fun and enjoyable experience (she would make the desert seem like paradise).


Shannon “Dash” Malseed getting one back on Erin after she got bunny-ear’d on the group photo yesterday. Apparently there is now a war in the Holden Camp.


Emma Pooley enjoying her time on these monkey bar things at the Donnybrook Playground. When I tried to do it, my feet touched the ground.


Sabrina Stultiens of Sunweb (going to WM3 in 2018) taking a selfie with another rider. She then later helped push a rider up a hill with Pauliena Rooijakkers, showing what cycling is truly about.


Marianne Vos of WM3 – 11 time World Champion and current European Champion. While everyone else was playing Skip-Bo, she was reading the race guide. A head full of knowledge, but also a kind spirit who is great to have a chat with.


Rotem Gafinovitz of WM3 by the roadside. A quiet character, but as with everyone down here this week, absolutely amazing to talk to.


Marianne showing off her CX skills at the playground. Truly talented rider.


People were having too much fun in that playground. Looking at you, Erin.


Jeanne Korevaar of WM3 before the start today. Everyone was very social before the ride today, the way it should be for a sportive.


Erin and her camera. Find me a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.


Pauliena Rooijakkers of Parkhotel-Valkenburg (moving to WM3 in 2018) getting out of the saddle on the hilly roll into Donnybrook. This was quite a sharp pinch.


The back of the bunch just cresting the pinch.


I said that Sabrina and Pauliena helped push someone up the final climb. Jen was struggling up the climb, but with a couple of helping hands and a bit of drafting, they all made it home safely. Great to see everyone working together and everyone being so supportive.


Marianne Vos post-ride at Greenbushes Primary. There are 22 students in total at this school, and the whole WM3 team visited to chat with the kids about what it’s like being a pro cyclist. It was a really great experience for everyone, and something I hope those kids (and the team) never forget.


Monique and Sabrina also at the primary school.


Rotem showing off the bike to the kids. She took it for a spin and almost crashed in the drain pipe while trying a full sprint. No harm done.

If you want to see more photos and content from this week, be sure to check out the Tour of Margaret River Facebook, Instagram, and of course my twitter. It’s been a great week so far, and the racing starts tomorrow, so keep an eye out here for race reports and other content! There will be on board footage as well, courtesy of Cycliq!

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