Quick update on the future of the blog

Hey guys!

As you might have noticed, I’m alive again and posting frequently. I’ve decided to go all-in with this blog, getting myself a domain and a fandangled website design. It’s something that I’ve really enjoyed during over the past 8 months and hope I can do for years down the track. I’m on uni break currently so I have more time than usual to write, but I will be sure to have a posting schedule set up over the semester so I still have content to give out.

I have mentioned previously that I am starting a series called “The Thing About…”. The first essay in the series is about doping, and I’m deep into the research stage. It’s not just a Lance-bashing essay, but I’m going into the different types of doping, their prevalence in cycling, doping in cycling compared to other sports, the future of doping, legalized doping and the anti-doping mechanisms in place and their evolution. Basically, my goal for these essays is for them to be a one-stop guide with minimal bias on the facts of certain issues. They will be fully referenced, so that people can go check over what I’ve written.

Also, these Tour reviews are coming along nicely. Isn’t the Tour a great race this year? Lots of drama, and I will do a quick review of it on the rest day coming up. As for future articles: NRS is about to have its winter racing block so expect to see articles on those, I promised Miles that we would reboot Spinning Out so that will probably happen soon, and I am going to also be contributing to Grupetto Chat while Isabel is away.

Lots to look forward to, and I hope you enjoy the content as much as I enjoy writing it!

~ The Cycling Raven

PS: I took that photo while watching The Ring Crits series. What a spectacle, and I’m saddened by the fact that I will miss the whole series this year due to the fact that I’ll be on holidays. I’ll try and get to the Encore race if they do another one this year though!