Pro Cycling Reacts to a “Tour de Trump” Presidency

So, America is now 24 hours into a time where their President-Elect is a billionaire who has spent more time firing celebrities on telly than sitting in parliament. While I could make a completely political post about why a Trump Presidency is good or bad – this is not what this blog is about. So I got the pro’s to do it for me, and they came out with quite amusing results.

Some pro’s were so shocked they could only mutter some tone of surprise:

Bewls and Howes compared it to Brexit.

Some are preparing for the apocalypse, even.

Today I learnt Geraint likes “The West Wing”…

…and Warbasse likes “Judge Judy”.

Jeremy Roy was taking the piss out of the legitimacy of the polls. Start that training for Le Tour, you’ll look good in Yellow.

Gaimon was playing on the fact that many people said they would leave.

And so did his old team-mate. Except he might be a bit ‘weak’.

Ted King might be checking in with Brown though.

Vaughters was just…Vaughters.

And some pro’s started their own campaign a bit too late.

Sorry Joe, but if I was American, old enough to vote and I saw this tweet early enough, I woulda been campaigning for you in full Argyle.

In all of my searching, I didn’t find any pro-Trump tweets, so the cycling community is either really scared of being related to Trump (who wouldn’t?) or are too busy celebrating the victory (who would?).

I hope the pro’s react to the upcoming WA State Election in April next year, but I can’t see that happening :(. For now, I’m out.

~ The Cycling Raven

EDIT: Alex Dowsett got confused between reality and fiction. After all, this election did break the boundaries.


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